Erie Overhead Door - Family owned and oriented.

A letter to my customers:

Dreaming of a better way.

Two brothers and a life-long best friend decided one day that they wanted to do something bigger. All three had worked in sales and had made a lot of money for owners of businesses who want more, more, and more at any cost. We wanted something better.

We had talked about a lot of different business ventures but one stuck out. One of the soon-to-be partners worked for a Garage Door company. While it was generally thought to be a reputable business, he saw an opportunity. The same opportunity that the other two had seen so many times in auto sales. The opportunity to be honest and fair. We decided to start our own Overhead Door Company with the goal of living by our true core values: Honor, Courage, and Integrity. We are a family and Marine owned company and we've set out to change an industry... with integrity. It's that simple.

My name is Lyndon Angus. I am an Erie resident and the CEO and the founding member of Lyndi LLC's Erie Overhead Door. My brother, Ethan, and our partner, Jeremy, want to earn your business. We want to earn it reasonably, fairly, and with a profit margin we can brag about. I'm not talking about a knock-their-head off margin like the other guys brag about, no, I want to brag about creating a business and being able to build it into something great through a competitive pricing matrix that is honest and fair to our customers.

You have my word and guarantee that I will provide you a great product and five star service and you can trust that the members of my team have been lead by example and will hold true to my core values while handling your needs and earning your business.

Very Respectfully,

Lyndon Angus

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